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Our Story

After 15 years of extensive experience in different aspects of the travel industry, my decision to establish Travel Story was mainly based on my passion to travel differently, elegantly … every trip we organize myself and the team is a small piece of art that we handle with care, love and dedication from the moment we welcome the client to the moment he comes back home satisfied and happy with his experiential journey!



Our Mission & Vision

At Travel Story, we strive to redefine your notion of what is possible. Our Aim is to let you discover every destination through the eyes of its locals.

We consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether you are heading for a business trip, looking for a simple solo traveler journey or planning the most luxurious experience, from the smallest boutique hotel to the biggest hotel chain, we are here to tailor your journey or even pick the most suitable product for you. When it comes to travelling the world, the possibilities are endless.

To make these extraordinary journeys possible, we have selected with care and passion more than 150 representative offices around the globe to provide you with competitive rates and unparalleled knowledge of the destination.

With expertise in not only luxury but also culture, wildlife as well as history, Travel Story reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company.

Marie Harfouche
Founder & CEO

Management Team

An experienced team of people passionate about traveling

Marie Harfouche Harfouche

15 years of experience in leisure and lifestyle travel management. Leading a team of more than 200 employees in a big tour operator in Lebanon before managing a luxury concierge entity for a leading group in the banking sector.
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Maria Coussa

25 years in Luxury Travel - Family holidays - Honeymoon planning and Curated experiences.
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Christine El Haddad

12 years of experience in corporate travel and servicing
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Aline Sadaka

25 years of experience in accounting and finance.
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